Text Box:  
Text Box: Sidewalks
Cleaned daily for debris, gum, candy & trash.
Parking Area & Lawn
All paper and cigarette buts and debris cleaned daily
Lawn service supplied if needed.
Landscaping, shrubs, flowers planted, trimmed  ect...
Trash & Restrooms
Trash pick up daily inside and out, we will dispose of garbage. Restrooms sanitized and cleaned daily.
serviced by-weekly 
Dependant upon if we supply paper products, bags, how many services are required ect...
Text Box: Classic To Supply:
Daily Service 
Sweep & Mop
Clean & Wax If Needed
Clean & Condition Ceramic Tile
Vacuum all carpets
Keep carpets cleaned 
table tops, 
light fixtures,  ceiling vents, ceiling fans
computers, ect...
Check for spider webs on outside perimeter.
Interior office—Daily
Bi-Weekly cleaning of all outer windows.


We have been involved with cleaning offices, banks, homes, schools, nurseries and more every since the company has been established, we are completely insured and bonded. We will offer you a corner to corner, wall to wall and floor to ceiling service that is not equaled by many of the companies offering this service.     Below are is an example of the service type we offer, we will cater to your needs and supply what ever is needed so if you do not see a your service needs listed please contact us with any questions regarding the type of service that you need.           cfservices@citcom.net