Many homeowners make the mistake of either having their decks painted which will only peel due to the ultra violet rays from the sun scratching or just wear and tear, others have neglected the deck by not having it stained and protected when it is installed which cause curled edges and a 50% decrease in the life of the wood and also not having it done properly. Unprotected wood can be seriously damaged by the weather and  in many cases untreated natural wood structures will last less than half their normal life due to increased vulnerability to mildew, algae,  ultra violet light, etc.      Fortunately there is a process that will restore beauty to your property and allow you to have many extra years of enjoyment.  We will clean and/or sand your deck as required to remove the old finish, moss, algae, dirt, and peeling paint.  We will then apply a premium coating, a natural tone or solid coating of your choice for beautification and protection.  Our work is guaranteed and we use products that will last and hold up to the elements of nature, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Before                                                     After                                                  Stained